Kylo Ben Weekly #1750


Game Releases

Notable game releases coming this week include:

12th December

  • Okami HD (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

14th December

  • Gorogoa (PC, iOS)

15th December

  • Purrfect Date (PC)

Five Nights at Freddy's got a surprise spin-off last week in the form of free title Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Whilst it initially masquerades as a management sim it is basically Five Nights at Freddy’s 6. [link]

The Switch version of WWE 2K18 was surprisingly released last week. You'll need a microSD card with at least 32GB of free space! [link]

The developers behind Trine released their latest game last week; Nine Parchments. It looks very Magicka with some RPG skill tree stuff thrown in. [link]

Upcoming Games

It's coming up to Mega Man's 30th anniversary year and so Capcom are getting set to release Mega Man 11. It will be available towards the end of next year on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Capcom are also going to release all eight Mega Man X titles on the same platforms at some point in the summer; it is unclear whether this will be a single bundle or whether each will be released separately. [link]

OVERKILL, the developers behind PAYDAY 2, have announced they are working on a cooperative first-person shooter within the universe of The Walking Dead. It'll be available in Autumn 2018 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. [link]

The new Jumanji movie is going to be released soon and it'll be joined by a mobile game blending a mix of board game and CCG. Jumanji: The Mobile Game (catchy title) has already soft launched but the full release will be on 14th December for iOS and Android. [link]

SUPERHOT is getting a standalone expansion in the form of MIND CONTROL DELETE. It is available in early access on Steam now but if you have "patience" (as the developer describes it) you can get it for free if you own SUPERHOT on Steam prior to the full release sometime around Autumn 2018. [link]

Bridge Constructor is getting the Portal treatment on 20th December on PC, iOS, and Android. It'll be available on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch early next year. I'm a sucker for anything with GLaDOS in it so will definitely be picking this up. Notice how I just typed that factually rather than every other game site that felt the need to start with "there's a new Portal game coming - scroll past these ads to find out more - BAM, not a real Portal game". [link]

The creator of Her Story is teaming up with media company Eko to produce an episodic interactive game loosely based on the WarGames movie. It'll be launching in early 2018 but details on where exactly (beyond Eko's mobile app and website) are rather scarce. [link]

There will be a major event in 2018 to fully unveil the next Tomb Raider game which is apparently going to be "Lara Croft's defining adventure". [link]

Far Cry 5 has been delayed by one month to March whilst The Crew 2 has been moved back from March to somewhere between March and September. Furthermore, an as yet unannounced Ubisoft title has been delayed by one year. [link]

Fantasy Flight are making a digital version of their Lord of the Rings card game. It'll be available via early access in the next couple of months followed by a free to play launch later in the year. [link]

THQ Nordic are working on a new survival game titled Fade to Silence based in an apocalyptic winter. It'll be arriving on Early Access this week on 14th December with a full release at some point next year. [link]

DLC and Updates

Assassin's Creed Origins is getting a nightmare difficulty level, horde mode, and some sort of Chocobo mount (from Final Fantasy) in a free update this month. [link]

The Division is getting a big free v1.8 update with a new huge map area, a resistance mode, and some new weapons. [link]

More details emerged about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition which will be both free DLC and a new base version of the game. There are several different paths for each fighter to take through the arcade mode leading to over 200 unique endings. I'm particularly happy to see the return of the barrel destroying bonus round. [link]

A 30th anniversary collection of Street Fighter games is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch comprising of 12 games and a number of enhancements. [link]

Darkest Dungeon is getting another paid DLC titled The Color Of Madness. Set around a comet impact on a farm on the outskirts of the mansion, this expansion introduces several new mechanics and enemies. It arrives in Spring 2018. [link]

Rise of the Tomb Raider now has a single VR chapter available titled Blood Ties. It can be purchased separately but is also part of both the season pass and the 20 year celebration version of the game. [link]

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle received a free surprise update that added a competitive multiplayer mode albeit locally. Unlike the co-op campaign, you have to pick from set loadouts rather than having access to everything you've unlocked. [link]

GTA V Online is getting its first new heist since 2015 featuring what appears to be the underwater Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me that is famously revered by Elon Musk (who may well be parodied as a "billionaire tech mogul" in the heist). [link]

The multiplayer beta for Stardew Valley has been pushed back from this month to Q1 2018. They've also announced that the PS Vita version is still happening (without multiplayer) and will be available next year. It looks like that boat they showed off on Twitter a few weeks ago is actually a submarine... [link]

Planet Coaster has adopted a jungle theme for its next chunk of paid DLC theming launching on 18th December. There are new rides, animatronics, and other scenic elements. I'm particularly excited about the mine carts and steamboat! [link]

The Game Awards 2017

Somehow they managed to show more trailers than they gave actual awards. Here is a brief overview of the new stuff that was shown off:

  • Breath of the Wild predictably (or maybe not if you preferred Mario) won the Game of the Year award and we were rewarded with a trailer for the Champion's Ballard DLC and a release date of "tonight". [link]
  • World War Z will be a 4-player cooperative zombie killing game for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. [link]
  • Job Simulator is getting a sequel in the form of Vacation Simulator. [link]
  • Accounting +, the pretty weird VR game from the minds of the Rick and Morty creators is coming to PSVR next month. [link]
  • Campo Santo, the developer behind Firewatch, showed a trailer for their second game; In The Valley Of Gods. It's a single player adventure where you roam around Egypt looking for treasure. Unfortunately it isn't coming until 2019. [link]
  • Soulcalibur VI is finally on its way with a 2018 release date for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Barring any delays it will arrive in time for its 20th anniversary. [link]
  • Fortnite: Battle Royale is getting a new 50v50 mode. [link]
  • Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are both coming to the Switch on 16th February. There is amiibo support in Bayonetta 2 along with local wireless co-op and video capture support. There was also a short teaser for Bayonetta 3 which will be exclusive to Switch although there is no release date as yet. [link]
  • Death Stranding got what feels like its 99th weird trailer. [link]
  • The team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are working on a first-person monster slaying game titled Witchfire. There are no release date or platform details yet. [link]
  • Sea of Thieves is launching on 20th March. [link]
  • Eagerly anticipated creation game Dreams from Media Molecule (of LittleBigPlanet fame) is coming exclusively to PS4 in 2018. [link]
  • The designer of PAYDAY and PAYDAY 2 has launched a new studio titled '10 Chambers Collective'. Its first title will be GTFO, a hardcore 4 player co-op shooter. It'll be getting the fuck out in 2018. link]
  • Starbreeze, the developers behind Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, is releasing a co-op game in March titled A Way Out. Due to its necessity to have two players, they are releasing a "Friends Pass" version which will basically let two people play with one copy. [link]
  • PUBG is (finally) launching on 20th December and their new desert map, Miramar, is available on the test servers now replete with vaulting and climbing. [link]

PlayStation Experience 2017

There was another big media event last week with several announcements:

  • The Last Guardian is coming to PSVR in the form of a small demo chapter available today. [link]
  • A free update for WipEout Omega Collection will add PSVR support early next year. [link]
  • A remake of the PS1 classic MediEvil is coming to PS4 but no release date was announced. [link]
  • Donut County, an interesting game that is hard to explain beyond being a puzzle game where you are an ever growing hole swallowing stuff on land, is coming to PS4 next year alongside PC and iOS. [link]
  • Jupiter & Mars, a first person Ecco The Dolphin type game, is coming to PSVR in 2018. [link]
  • You'll soon be able to change your name on PSN. [link]


Gigabyte announced a new Aorus-branded Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti which has one-click overclocking to get around Nvdia's bizarre shipping rules around the clock rates for these cards. [link]

You can buy a single stick of 128GB DDR4 for $4000 (although 8x16GB modules would be 30% of the price). [link]

TPCast is starting to accept pre-orders for their Oculus Rift wireless adapter in the US today with the first units shipping next week. You can also order them in the UK and Europe from select retailers with deliveries next week. [link]

Toshiba has taken the lead in the race to higher density drives with a 14TB helium-infused drive for the server market. [link]


There is a new Nvidia Game Ready driver (388.59) which adds optimisations for several recently released games as well as gearing up for Fallout 4 VR. There is also support for the GTX 1070 Ti and Titan V along with GameStream support for HDR titles. [link]


"It is completely wrong for domestic violence to be part of a video game regardless of what the motivation is" said the chairperson of the Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee in the UK Parliament in reference to Detroit: Becoming Human. [link]

More balances and tweaks to the underlying currency of Star Wars: Battlefront II but microtransactions continue to be disabled for now. [link]

In an utterly unexpected announcement, Nvidia is teaming up with Nintendo in China to bring remastered versions of Wii and GameCube games to the Nvidia Shield. It's particularly interesting this is only in China as that is one country where the Switch is not available (and these seem ripe for a Virtual Console release). [link]

Last week I mentioned that Super Mario Run was the most downloaded game on Android this year. Turns out that is also true on iOS. [link]

Cool Shit

iam8bit have partnered with Bethesda to make a limited edition run of vinyl Skyrim soundtracks. They are also producing a screenprint. [link]

And Finally...

Bethesda managed to get Wonder Woman to start a #SavePlayer1 campaign. [link]

"Fuck the Oscars". [link]

Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Pikachu in the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie. He'll be providing the voice and motion capture. [link]