LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions
  • Total time played: 45.7 hours
  • Played on: Xbox One S
  • Last Played: 16th September, 2017

Vortech adds support for LEGO Dimensions Wave 9


I'm pleased to announce that v1.4 of my LEGO Dimensions tracking app Vortech has been released adding full support for the recently released Wave 9:

Wave 9 consists of three new worlds (Beetlejuice, Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans Go!) along with seven characters:

  • Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!): Similar to Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, Beast Boy can shape shift to gain additional abilities such as Drone, Dig, and Tracking. Interestingly, the Atlantis ability was previously limited to Aquaman from Wave 4 but three new characters in this wave now gain the ability including Beast Boy.
  • Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice): I feel like I should say his name again... Beetlejuice! This character only has 7 abilities but they include the newly added "Slurp" for getting through access points hidden in some of the new worlds in this wave. He is the only character in this wave without the Flight ability.
  • Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls): Each of the Powerpuff Girls has heart regeneration, an energy shield, and a new LEGO Constructs ability which was previously limited to the Red Lantern version of Supergirl. Blossom has Freeze Breath which was previously just for Superman and Supergirl and she also gets X-Ray Vision.
  • Bubbles (The Powerpuff Girls): In addition to the standard set of Powerpuff abilities, Buttercup has Rainbow LEGO Blowup due to her love of cute stuff and Parseltongue due to her ability to speak with animals. She and Raven (also in this wave) are the only characters not in the Harry Potter universe to have the Parseltongue ability.
  • Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls): In keeping with the other two Powerpuff Girls, Buttercup has abilities that were previously limited to other properties including Gyrosphere Switches (previously limited to Jurassic World vehicle or Jake the Dog from Adventure Time) and, more interestingly, Spinjitzu which was limited to the seven Ninjago characters.
  • Raven (Teen Titans Go!): Raven has a good range of abilities including Drone, Flight, Hazard Protection, and Magic but she also has a unique ability called Raven Portals which can be used in several worlds such as Gremlins, A-Team, and Adventure Time.
  • Starfire (Teen Titans Go!): In many ways Starfire is the same as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls; she has the Atlantis, Parseltongue, Heart Regeneration, and Rainbow LEGO Blowup abilities as well as more common abilities such as Acrobat and Dive.

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review on the App Store. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for new features, please get in touch.

With the release of these team and fun packs, wave 9 closes out this series of LEGO Dimensions and it now remains to be seen if anything else will be announced or whether this is the end. There are several properties that could still be added (The Matrix, Red Dwarf, The Flintstones, The Jetsons) but with 30 franchises covered already it isn't unthinkable that it will now wrap up. If it does continue, I think they need to do some updates to the core game and sort out some of their voice acting but, if this is the end, I'll be sad to see it go.

Vortech adds support for Lego Dimensions Wave 8


I'm pleased to announce that v1.3 of my LEGO Dimensions tracking app Vortech has been released adding full support for the recently released Wave 8:

Wave 8 consists of:

  • Chase McCain (LEGO City): To coincide with the re-release of LEGO City on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, this character has the ability to switch outfits giving him a massive 17 abilities such as drilling, flying, hacking, hazard cleaning, relic detection, tracking, water spraying, and more!
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter): Has two completely new abilities; Riddikulus and Wingardiam Leviosa in addition to several other spells that provide abilities such as illumination, laser deflection, and water spray. She also has the ability to apparate and use intelligence access points. .
  • Sloth (Goonies): Similar to Abby Yates, The Doctor, and B.A. Baracus, Sloth has the ability to character change to any of the Goonies giving him a large number of abilities such as dig, dive, grapple, laser deflection, sonar smash, and tracking. He also has access to the unique "truffle shuffle"...

Whilst there are still two waves left in this cycle, the future of LEGO Dimensions has been cast in doubt from various reports that LEGO are planning to ditch it. Should they go ahead with further waves then I'm planning on adding some significant updates including the ability to view vehicles and their various constructs.

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review on the App Store. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for new features, please get in touch.

Vortech adds support for Lego Dimensions Wave 7.5


I'm pleased to announce that v1.2.1 of my LEGO Dimensions tracking app Vortech has been released adding full support for the recently released Wave 7.5:

Wave 7.5 consists of:

  • Batgirl (The LEGO Batman Movie): Has the boomerang, glide, grapple, rope swing, and steal abilities as well as a new detective mode and the ability to use high security access terminals.
  • Excalibur Batman (The LEGO Batman Movie): Has the boomerang, grapple, laser deflector, master build, stealth, super strength, and vine cut abilities. He can also use sword switches which had previously been exclusive to Finn the Human (Adventure Time) .
  • Michael Knight (Knight Rider): Has the acrobat, hacking, technology, tracking, and x-ray vision abilities as well as a unique combat roll and the use of Michael's wrist watch.
  • Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie): Has the acrobat, dive, fix-it, glide, illumination, laser deflector, mini access, pole vault, and vine cut abilities as well as the exclusive Nightwing transform (RRRRIP!) and a unique vent access.

In addition to adding these characters and worlds, v1.2.1 also adds two great new features:

  • Wave Filter: You can now tap on the "All Minifigs" title to produce a popover that allows you to limit the characters to specific waves (including the limited edition that applies to Green Arrow and Supergirl)
  • Abilities Filter: Even better, you can tap on the "All Abilities" title within the abilities page to limit results to abilities your characters have or don't have. This makes it easier to decide which characters you need to get next.

I'm planning on adding more features over the coming weeks including something special to help with character recommendation...

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review on the App Store. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for new features, please get in touch.

The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack: You're darn right woah!


To coincide with the release of The LEGO Batman Movie (which, spoiler alert, is awesome), LEGO Dimensions Wave 7.5 was released last Friday featuring the LEGO Batman Movie story pack along with fun packs containing Excalbur Batman and Michael Knight from Knight Rider. I played through the LEGO Batman Movie story pack which is made up of six story levels, a dimension world, a new portal gateway, a vehicle, and two minifigures.

The Bat-Computer portal gateway is much smaller than the previous gateways and this is reflected in the part count: 156 pieces (including minifigures) compared to around 260 pieces within the Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sets. To make up for this, the box proudly states that it includes a "bonus minifigure"; bearing in mind that gives you a playable character, it is probably worth the trade-off but it is a little disappointing that given the scale of the Batman property it has a less impressive backdrop than the Chinese restaurant from Ghostbusters!

The two included minifigures are Batgirl and Robin each of which gain unique abilities within the story pack; a detective mode and high security access for Batgirl and a special vent type that only Robin can interact with. Robin also has the ability to RRRRIP! his outfit off changing him into Nightwing which grants him the pole vault and laser deflector abilities. Interestingly, you actually need to have the Batman minifigure from the LEGO Dimensions starter pack in order to play the game and he'll appear in the story pack as his LEGO Movie and LEGO Batman Movie version (all in black) rather than the DC Comics version (in dark grey) reflected by the minifigure. The Batman figure has also gained the new detective mode ability within the game as well as a fun merch cannon that lets him shoot Batman themed apparel at enemies. Annoyingly, Batman is still limited to being the DC Comics version in any worlds that aren't the LEGO Batman Movie or the LEGO Movie with no ability to change it in a way similar to characters like The Doctor, B.A. Baracus, Abby Yates, etc. (UPDATE: Turns out that the red brick in the LEGO Batman Movie world allows you to play as LEGO Batman rather than DC Batman in all worlds and levels)

In addition to the figures, you also get the Batwing vehicle which is built within a few minutes of starting the game; it can fly, shoot, and do cargo pickups but there isn't anything particularly unique about it in relation to other vehicles in the game. Later on, you can upgrade it to The Black Thunder and Bat-Tank which both convert it into a land-based vehicle although this rebuild is not required at any point within the story pack.

The new 'Detective Mode' ability for Batman and Batgirl
The new 'Detective Mode' ability for Batman and Batgirl

Before I get to the story pack levels themselves, I should point out my biggest disappointment which was apparent as soon as I placed the minifigures on the toypad; Robin is not voiced by Michael Cera as he is in the film. I wrote about the trouble with voice acting a few days ago but it is a real shame they weren't able to get the correct voice as Robin is undoubtedly the best character in the film. This extends further to Alfred (not Ralph Fiennes), Phyllis (not Ellie Kemper), and the Bat-Computer (not Siri) although Batman (Will Arnett), Batgirl (Rosario Dawson), and The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) are all voiced correctly and have newly recorded lines rather than clips from the film audio.

Once you've downloaded the requisite 2GB patch, you can start the story pack which closely follows the film over the course of six levels with the last three levels being based on the last 20 minutes or so of the movie. The levels follow the same patterns as every other LEGO Dimensions level in that you'll need to collect studs and progress through the level by using your abilities to build and solve puzzles. Some levels contain a boss fight at the end and these are the same easy affairs as before whereby you'll jump around for a bit, then something will happen to let you hit the enemy; do this three times and they are vanquished.

What makes this pack different to others are the small but notable pieces that have been added. First up is the Phase Keystone which will light up the gamepad and let you bring in entire puzzle elements from previous game properties depending on which pad your character is placed on. It is fairly similar to the Locate Keystone but it will actually deposit a full build that you can then interact with. For example, in one section placing a character on the left hand side pad will drop a huge Portal 2 section into the level with a laser puzzle you have to solve; only characters who are on the same pad can interact with it so sometimes you need to do some juggling. It isn't a huge innovation, but it is good to see a new Keystone being introduced with each story pack although I don't believe there were any references back to the LEGO Dimensions storyline as there were in the Sonic the Hedgehog level).

In terms of new abilities, Robin's vent access is particularly fun due to the way in which you control him through the vent shaft with him flopping along like a fish or using exaggerated movements to scale upwards. There is also some difficulty with live electrical wires or broken pipes shooting steam or fire to contend with meaning you need to carefully time your movements. Batgirl's high security access is less impressive being a basic reskin of the BB-8 computer access from the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game but her new Detective Mode (shared with Batman) does have more to offer. It is fairly similar to the Tracking Mode (introduced with Shaggy and Scooby-Doo) aside from you have three different things to track depending on which part of the gamepad you use. One tracker will use infra-red to show up footprints on the floor whilst another might use soundwaves to pinpoint a particular noise. It is essentially more of the same but it allows for more interaction with the gamepad.

Each level of the story mode took around 45 minutes to complete and has the stud meter to fill out. There is also a person to rescue and ten Minikits to find in each level although you'll typically need other LEGO Dimensions characters to find these such as Ethan Hunt or Doctor Who.

The final thing that is included with the story pack is access to the LEGO Batman Movie world (which can also be accessed with the Excalbur Batman fun pack but not with the regular Batman you get included as part of the starter kit). You'll sometimes go to the world in-between story levels which I find a bit jarring and unnecessary but it serves to open up places where you can repeat each level easily. Within the world are the usual elements you expect such as puzzles, gold bricks, and a red brick; there are also quests with various familiar faces such as one where you need to help The Flash deliver ice cream to the residents of Gotham...

Overall, the LEGO Batman Movie story pack is a fine addition to the franchise with some interesting twists on the regular formula and two minifigures where you'd usually get one. However, the lack of good voice-acting for Robin, the underwhelming portal gateway and the slightly peculiar Batman minifigure requirement add a note of disappointment to what should have been an easy win for LEGO; that they can't get the voice actors from their own films feels like the start of a worrying trend.

The LEGO Dimensions 'The LEGO Batman Movie' story pack is available from most good retailers for around £32 / $40. You will need a LEGO Dimensions starter pack in order to play it. I played on the Xbox One S but the story pack will work with any console version of LEGO Dimensions although you will need the latest set of updates downloaded (around 20GB).

If you enjoy LEGO Dimensions, check out my iOS app Vortech which keeps track of all of your characters and abilities. It's free!

The voice actor trap


Over the weekend I've been playing the LEGO Batman Movie story pack for LEGO Dimensions. I'll be writing a review shortly but one of the things that has absolutely killed it for me is a problem that has been plaguing this genre for a while; voice acting.

When the first year of LEGO Dimensions launched, they did an excellent job of either re-using archive audio or getting actors to come in and record all new lines. For an example of both, look no further than the Doctor Who level pack which had new lines recorded by Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman yet used audio from the TV shows for every other Doctor all the way back to William Hartnell. This extended to other franchises with new audio recorded by Michael J. Fox and Christopher LLoyd for Back to the Future and Ellen McLain reprising her role as GLaDOS for Portal 2 not to mention audio from Gary Coleman and Joel McHale for the main LEGO Dimensions story.

This was in stark contrast to the other big player at the time, Disney Infinity, which rarely used the correct voices instead plumping for poor voice actors. I found this particularly egregious given Disney's budget as it was their grand vision that new characters and levels for Disney Infinity would replace the usual token game that accompanied a new film release and so they already had most of the actors in the recording studio at the right time. Some voices weren't too bad such as Woody from Toy Story which was actually performed by Tom Hanks' brother Jim Hanks but others (looking at you Captain Jack Sparrow) were so bad as to make the game unplayable to me.

I mention this as LEGO Dimensions is now following this pattern with a number of the big name voices conspicuously missing from recent releases. I first noticed it in the Ghostbusters story pack which had the correct voices for everyone apart from one of my favourite actresses, Melissa McCarthy. This was then repeated with B. A. Baracus (A Team), Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider), and Robin (The LEGO Batman Movie). I appreciate that actors like McCarthy, Hasslehoff, and Michael Cera are expensive but it is just horrible to have these major franchises and characters with the wrong voices. They could have used archive audio but they don't as they want the characters to have new lines so they can say things like "try that button over there", etc.

I personally would much prefer them shoe-horning lines from the films into the game rather than having new audio recorded by voice actors and this is a problem LEGO have already solved; if you look at the Mission: Impossible pack or at some of the other games such as Lord of the Rings or Jurassic World, they use the audio from the movies and just slice it to fit the situation. Many people wish that LEGO would go back to how the original games like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Pirates of the Caribbean worked and just have the characters making Sim-like voices and conveying everything with expressions, gestures, and props but I think that would be a mistake. A bigger mistake though is probably the long running issue with Bart Simpson in LEGO Dimensions being completely mute...

Bad voice acting can absolutely kill a game and it is a real shame to see LEGO Dimensions fall into the voice actor trap after they had such a strong start. Not every new release has had these issues with the Fantastic Beasts story pack having new lines from Eddie Redmayne and Katherine Waterston but the lack of Michael Cera in the LEGO Batman Movie pack really threw me back to the Disney Infinity games that I just couldn't enjoy. Hopefully we'll see more archive audio being used over incorrect voice actors in future, especially if they somehow manage to get the rights to Star Wars and Disney now that Disney Infinity is no more.

Sonic Dimensions: LEGO builds a surprising hit


Sonic the Hedghog has a special place in my gaming history; It was the first game I ever played on my brother's Mega Drive back in 1991 although I thought it was a Samurai Pizza Cats game when I first saw it. Sonic 2 was the pinnacle of gaming for us and I remember re-watching a 3 minute clip we'd recorded from a gaming TV show on VHS before it was released so much we wore the tape out! We must have spent days playing that game and I can still feel him punching me whenever I replay it and hit a bomb in the half-pipe special stages...

Of course, Sonic hasn't really had a very good time of it since the Mega Drive days. Whereas Mario made the transition to 3D seamlessly and grew better and better, Sonic never really made a breakout game and attempts to go back to the 2D games failed miserably. That looks set to change with the release of Sonic Mania next year but before that we have the Sonic Dimensions level pack for LEGO Dimensions.

Released as part of Wave 7 of LEGO Dimensions (alongside E.T., Gremlins, and Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them), the Sonic level pack has a battle arena, dimension world, and the "Sonic Dimensions" level. Along with the game, you receive the Sonic minifigure, a Sonic Speedster, and The Tornado (the bi-plane that first appeared in Sonic 2). This pack is the only way you can get hold of the Sonic minifigure which has a custom molded head; in the game, he has several abilities including using speed boosts, grinding (new to Year 2), acrobatics, and super strength. Whilst he has the least abilities of any of the newer figures, he is the fastest figure available moving even quicker than most vehicles in the game!

LEGO Dimensions is basically just a nostalgia trip with the majority of its content and nowhere is that more evident than here. As soon as you start the level, a brick built SEGA logo appears with the classic "SAY-GAA" sound from the 16-bit era. You are then dropped into the Green Hill Zone in what feels like a modern version of the classic side-scrolling platformer. Everything is rendered in 3D but you are basically locked on a 2D plane for the majority of the game in a similar way to some of the sections in Sonic Generations. Everything is exactly as you would remember it from the '90s; there are springs, spikes, crabs, jumping fish... even that annoying monkey that throws coconuts from a tree! All the sound effects are perfectly recreated as well in terms of jumps, spins, power ups, and even the tone when you die.

For the purposes of the entire level pack, studs are recast as rings although they still function in the same way (i.e. collecting rings doesn't affect your health or stop you from dying - you still lose 1000 studs when you die). Speaking of health, you may notice in the screenshots that Sonic's health bar is made up of the extra life boxes from the original game. In another nod to the past, leaving Sonic standing idle will cause him to begin his classic foot-tapping wrist-glancing animation and then he'll fall asleep and dream of himself running in 16-bit form.

You'll get to fight Robo Sonic in 3D but its exactly the same as the boss battle in Sonic 2
You'll get to fight Robo Sonic in 3D but its exactly the same as the boss battle in Sonic 2

Once through the Green Hill Zone, you jump through a large golden ring to enter a recreation of the half-pipe special stages from Sonic 2. Completing it will gain you one of the seven chaos emeralds that will advance the story which is loosely tied to the dimension hopping plot of the main LEGO Dimensions game. From there, you'll visit several different well-known Sonic locations including the Emerald Coast, Metropolis, Marble Zone, Labyrinth Zone, and the Death Egg and you'll encounter Dr. Eggman and several other previous Sonic villains in fairly simple boss battles. Each area is topped off with another half-pipe special stage although it was a shame not to see recreations of the special stages from the original Sonic game or the headache inducing 3D stage from Sonic 3.

The Labyrinth Zone gets a makeover but loses none of its charm
The Labyrinth Zone gets a makeover but loses none of its charm

In terms of gameplay, Sonic Dimensions does do several things differently to the standard LEGO Dimensions template. As the game is effectively locked to a side-scrolling viewport, it feels very different to the larger open areas of most other levels and the speed at which Sonic moves is also a big breakaway from the slower gameplay of the other characters. The Green Hill zone has multiple different paths and routes for you to take and will likely take a few trips to see everything it has to offer whereas other levels in the game are almost incredibly linear in design. Whilst these are benefits to the Sonic level, there are some issues; Sonic's speed means you'll constantly bump into things you don't mean to when in other worlds or levels and even in the 2D mode it is easy to get stuck to objects or end up in a different place than you meant to. TT Games have done a fantastic job of putting this entirely different mode of gameplay in but it isn't 100% perfect; I wonder if it'll be improved if they make use of it with other characters in future (I'd personally love to see an Earthworm Jim set but that is probably unlikely!)

Super Sonic chilling with Lumpy Space Princess
Super Sonic chilling with Lumpy Space Princess

In keeping with most of the other LEGO Dimensions packs, finishing the level will grant Sonic a new ability; changing into Super Sonic. A meter appears around Sonic's avatar and fills up as you collect studs; once filled, you can hold B when you jump to change into Super Sonic at which point the meter will decrease unless you find more studs. It's pretty much identical to the way it worked in Sonic 2 if you found all of the Chaos Emeralds but I was happy to see that it worked across all worlds and levels, not just the ring-based Sonic level. If I had a minor complaint, it would be that I'd have liked Sonic to have a character changing ability like Doctor Who, Abby Yates, Pete Venkman, and B.A. Baracus that would allow me to play as Tails, Knuckles, or Amy.

A few random thoughts on this level pack:

  • Script: the voice acting for Sonic is really well done and the writing is pretty good. It works best when you meet other Dimensions characters; for example, if you place him next to The Doctor he'll make a comment about the Sonic Screwdriver being named after him. It's these little interactions that make LEGO Dimensions really compelling to me and are completely at odds with the locked-down approach Disney had in Disney Infinity.
  • Labyrinth Zone: as I was playing through, I was trying to predict which levels would show up. I was right to guess the Labyrinth Zone but I love the way it is introduced. I won't spoil it here but you can watch a clip I uploaded if you want!
  • Detail: there is so much attention to detail in this game. Little things like the exploding starfish in the Metropolis Zone or the tapping foot when Sonic is idle really show that this was built by people that love the Sonic games.
  • Dr. Eggman: it has never sat well with me that Robotnik has been referred to as Eggman since 1999; it makes me happy that there are several jokes about this in the game.
  • Flying: towards the end of the level, you'll build The Tornado plane and then be able to do a basic flying and shooting puzzle. I found it very frustrating as it was a bit too long and you just get blown up constantly.
  • Dimension World: the Sonic dimension world is huge and is made up of different bits from previous zones including some that aren't in the main level such as Carnival Night Zone, Ice Cap Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Aquatic Ruin Zone, etc. The world looks and plays almost exactly like this Sonic Utopia concept that was doing the rounds earlier this month...
Carnival Night Zone within the Sonic dimension world
Carnival Night Zone within the Sonic dimension world

In summary, TT Games have done the impossible and made a compelling 3D-like Sonic game. Whilst some of the controls can be finicky at times, the pure level of fan service that has been applied makes it forgivable. Sonic Team should also be thanked for agreeing to this game and for allowing quite a lot of jokes to be made at their expense. I sincerely hope we'll see more use of the 2D platformer style in upcoming LEGO Dimensions packs.

The LEGO Dimensions Sonic level pack is available from most good retailers for around £25 / $30. You will need a LEGO Dimensions starter pack in order to play it. I played on the Xbox One but the level pack will work with any console version of LEGO Dimensions and requires no additional downloads.

If you enjoy LEGO Dimensions, check out my iOS app Vortech which keeps track of all of your characters and abilities. It's free!

Vortech, an iOS app for LEGO Dimensions


When I'm not playing video games, I make a living as a freelance app developer. Today, my job and hobby get to crossover as I just released an app aimed at helping people keep track of their LEGO Dimensions collection. It's called Vortech and is a free app for iOS Devices.

The app contains a full reference of every LEGO Dimensions character and ability in the currently released waves (1 thru 6). You can tap characters to see which abilities they have and tap abilities to see which minifigures have them. Each minifig can be added to your collection so you can see at a glance if you have a needed ability.

You can get Vortech on the App Store – it's a completely free app with no in-app purchases, adverts, or analytics tracking. If you find it useful, I always appreciate a review on the App Store. Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you experience any problems or have any suggestions for improvements.

Travelling through time with Doctor Who in LEGO Dimensions


When LEGO Dimensions was first announced, the property that really got me excited was Doctor Who. It wasn't a part of the first wave (launching just over a month later in wave 2) but it was the first official LEGO Doctor Who set to be released until the LEGO Ideas TARDIS was released in December 2015. That said, I have only just (after nearly 12 months) finished the level pack due to restarting it 4 times thanks to a poor checkpointing save system.

Before I get to the game, lets look at what is included in this set. You get a minifigure of Peter Capaldi's version of 'The Doctor' (complete with new voice recordings), a vehicle version of 'K-9', and of course the trusty TARDIS. As with all LEGO Dimension vehicles, both K-9 and the TARDIS can be rebuilt into 3 separate configurations and they can also have their various abilities upgraded with the studs you collect in-game. The Doctor minifigure has a few abilities including fixing, hacking, use of technology panels, and sonar smash.

Once you have linked The Doctor to your game, you get access to both the Doctor Who dimension world and the level 'The Dalek Extermination of Earth'. The dimension world follows the same style as most of the other worlds in that you essentially have a large sandbox filled with various fetch quests or basic puzzles. The Doctor Who world has a slight twist in that there are 6 separate areas to visit (modern London, Victorian London, Mars, Skaro, Telos, and Tranzalore) which you reach by entering the TARDIS and then choosing a destination from the console. There are plenty of familiar faces to meet and hear with several characters, such as Missy, lending their voices.

The real draw of this pack though is the main level itself. You begin with a short cutscene showing the Daleks about to invade Earth and then you get the full Doctor Who opening scene with all of the various regenerations hidden throughout.

From there, you spend around 80% of the game in various versions of London before heading to Skaro for a final showdown with Davros by way of Trenzalore. The highlight of the level is a clever time travel system in which you can go to three versions of London that have the same layout but are in different parts of time; Victorian, present day, and (Dalek captured) future. You'll need to use the TARDIS to solve puzzles in different time periods in order to clear the way forward. For example, at one point in the future you need to get into a room of a building that only has one window. To do that, you need to use a crane in the Victorian London (when the building is being constructed) in order to physically move the window of the building such that in the future there is a way into the room. Its a neat trick and is very similar to the time travel nature of puzzle solving in Day of the Tentacle.

Despite the fun puzzles in the first half, I found the level fairly tedious in total. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the whole Dalek / Davros storyline but it seemed to me that the small Doctor Who level within the base LEGO Dimensions game is actually better both in terms of story and action; there are Weeping Angels in this level but they don't do anything whereas they are a highlight in the main game. Due to a distinct lack of checkpointing in the first 80% of the level, I ended up thinking my progress was saved and then coming back to the beginning again. This happened several times and, to make matters worse, various hints were gone so I spent 30 minutes wondering how to progress as I'd forgotten you could hold Y to get inside the TARDIS and move the story along. I also had a few glitches whilst fighting 'The Silence' which needed another restart to resolve.

With all that said, this is a well put together level pack with tons of content. Whilst the storyline wasn't to my taste, the fact that it has full voice-acting from Peter Capaldi throughout is a big win. My favourite aspect, however, doesn't unlock until you've completed the level; Regeneration. Once activated, you can change your Doctor by either killing him (in which case he'll go to the next regeneration) or by entering the TARDIS and manually choosing one. All the Doctors, including John Hurt's War Doctor, have voices taken from the TV show audio, and the TARDIS console room and theme tune music changes to match the current regeneration. It's a really nice touch and makes it worth the asking price alone as I can play through my other LEGO Dimension levels as David Tennant or Sylvester McCoy!

(I love that I can have William Hartnell's Doctor alongside Lumpy Space Princess and Wicked Witch of the West...)
(I love that I can have William Hartnell's Doctor alongside Lumpy Space Princess and Wicked Witch of the West...)

In summary, if you own LEGO Dimensions and you're a Doctor Who fan then this is a non-brainer. If you aren't a big fan, the time travel mechanic will still offer good gameplay and the inclusion of both level and dimension world makes it worthy of the asking price.